Women’s B.A.S.E Training

steph and marta
When I started my AFF, I was inspired by the experienced women skydivers I met at the drop zone, people I could relate to–the guys were great, but it was the women I wanted to watch and talk to because their style made more sense to me. Marta Empinotti of Apex Base was a role model for me, and I took my First Jump Course with Jimmy and Marta. I was in a relationship with a base jumper, but I wanted to learn on my own, without the complication of our personal dynamic. I remember the very first bridge jump. I wanted to watch everyone exit, and get it in my head how it should be when I made my jump. There was one other girl in the course. I watched all the guys jump and didn’t feel much sense of how I’d exit. Finally the other girl went over the railing, and my eyes were glued to her. I felt like watching her made more sense to me, gave me an idea of how I’d feel when my turn came, what my body position and pitch would be like.
steph perrine
Having been a rock climber for years, I’ve always found the same thing in climbing–the way the guys climb doesn’t help me figure out how I’m going to climb, both physically and mentally. Women are always asking me to give women’s only climbing clinics, because they like the feeling and the learning style of being in an all-female group. That doesn’t mean they don’t want to climb with guys, they just feel like the way they learn is different in a woman’s course.
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This is why I decided to start offering women’s only First B.A.S.E Jump Courses at the Perrine Bridge and First Cliff Courses in Moab.
cath exit
The most important thing you can learn in base is how to evaluate sites and conditions on your own and how to make your own educated decisions. In the women’s course, you’ll be learning with no external pressure or the subconscious feeling that you need to ask someone else how to do things. We will have fun, of course, and get you started on the road to taking responsibility for your base career.


3 Responses to Women’s B.A.S.E Training

  1. Heather Falenski says:

    Bravo Steph! I couldn’t agree more. This is what needs to happen for the gender ratios to start evening up in these types of sports. Thank you for noticing that this is a need and taking the action to make it a reality. Much love to you.

  2. adi carter says:

    This is so inspiring and right on! we found the same to be true in the slacklining world and it was awesome to be a part of a movement where women are stepping up and connecting in these male dominated sports. I think these all women events will prove to be a key element in the furthering of these types of sports and activities taking them in new and unique directions that continue to inspire. Thanks for putting this out there. xox

  3. [...] well as understanding your parachute and how to manage it in the base environment. I teach women’s only First Jump Courses too. The First Jump Course teaches skydivers the basics of how to jump off fixed objects, starting [...]

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