Stunt and Production Work

We can help with any project that involves parachutes, ropes, aircraft and cliffs. We hold a permit with the BLM, we carry liability insurance and we are fully USPA certified.

We have over 20 years experience with base jumping, skydiving, parachute rigging, rock climbing and big wall rigging.

Moab, Utah and the desert southwest have been our stomping ground for 16 years.  We are also experienced with sites and logistics in Europe and Canada.
We are available for:
base jumping, wingsuit and rock climbing stuntwork
site scouting and analysis
technical rigging
aerial shooting and photography
Moab BLM permitting
demo jumps requiring a USPA Pro license

Past Projects include:
Comcast commercial “Meme Aqui, Even Here”, South America, Talent Partners: Rock climbing stunt

Citibank tower climb commercial: High angle tower and rock climbing rigging and camera rigging, Moab, Utah

Bell&Ammo for Esquire Magazine: Base jump stunt and aerial camera, Moab, Utah

Redesign Your Brain TV feature, Mindful Media Productions: location scouting and story development, Tower base jump stunts, climbing and rigging, Moab, Utah

Weebly internet spot, Greenpoint Productions: Base jump stunt, aerial camera, oncamera action, Moab, Utah

Survive feature film, Honeycreek Productions: Helmet camera rigging and testing, base jump stunt double and aerial camera, Moab, Utah

Site Scout, Greenpoint Productions: Moab, Utah and Twin Falls, Idaho

Corporate Video Shoot, Paper Rocket Picture Company: Base jump stunt and aerial camera, Moab, Utah

Adventure Outdoor Fest, San Candido: Wingsuit helicopter stunt jump and aerial camera, Dolomites, Italy

Toyota commercial: Aerial cinematography and stunt rigging, Quebec QC

National Geographic “CSI Me”: Wingsuit base jumping and aerial filming, Lauterbrunnen Switzerland

Crazy Beautiful Thing, CallSpeed Productions: Climbing and Base Jump Stunt, Moab, Utah

Intel Little Colorado shoot: High angle camera rigging and base jumping safety, Little Colorado Canyon, Arizona

“Adrenaline Rush”: base jumping and wingsuit stunts, freeflying and canopy swooping stunts, aerial photography and filming and aerial footage for “the making of”.  Norway, California, Florida Keys.

“Steal”: base jump stunt doubles and stunt rigging, Quebec, Montreal and France.

“Les Pieds Dans Le Vide”: base jump stunt double, Montreal Stock Exchange

The Weather Channel: base jump, climbing and wingsuit stunts, Moab, Utah Heli stunt jump onto warehouse rooftop and aerial camera, Salt Lake City, demo jump permissions facilitating

Little Colorado Heli Boogie: High angle rescue and safety, Little Colorado Canyon, Arizona

Weisberg Productions: In2mYpants Kickstarter, heli scouting, rigging and aerial consulting, drop testing


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