Training for New Jumpers

Any time on demand !

We offer two options for new base jumpers: the First Jump Course training at the Perrine Bridge in Idaho, and the Moab First Cliff Course in Moab, Utah. What makes our FJC different from the others? We live and jump in Moab, and E is our focus. Our FJC is directed toward preparing you for cliffs. We offer a Moab First Cliff Course extension to the FJC, the only one of its kind. The FJC with the FCC extension will give you an accelerated course to cliffs with a focused base of training for E. Our maximum number of students is 4: we give you personalized attention for everything from packing details to your riser and canopy drills.

Graduates of our FJC will be given a roster of cliff-specific training drills to complete at the Perrine on their own, and may then come to Moab for the First Cliff Course with a reduced number of jumps. You can sign up for our FJC and FCC progression and move through both courses in 14-18 days.
First Jump Course
Our First Jump Course is for experienced skydivers with a minimum of 100 skydives, though 200-1000 is our recommendation. We meet at the Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls for the FJC for 3 days of introduction to base. Our emphasis is preparing you for object avoidance, site analysis and decision making.
Moab First Cliff Course
The Moab First Cliff Course is the only one of its kind in the States. This is for experienced base jumpers coming to do their first “E” and get some slider down cliff jumping experience under the tutelage of a veteran jumper. Offered to any experienced jumper with or without “cliff” jumps. The course focuses on safety, gear knowledge, terrain evaluation (exit/landing), weather condition assessment and much more.

Our method is to start at square one and learn how to PCA, static line, go hand-held and stowed off the various cliffs as many times as possible, while keeping safety the #1 priority. The goal is to optimize longevity over adrenaline by understanding and practicing each element of progression in a systematic way.

The cliffs we’ve selected for this course range from 350′ to 400′ vertical with 500′ to 800′ total altitude.

This course is offered to any jumper with a minimum of 50 Base jumps and a recommendation from his/her mentor. While this is not set in stone, remember that the Moab cliffs are considered by most to be from the intermediate to the advanced level and should get the respect they deserve.

MBA highly recommends reading “The Great Book of Base” prior to starting this course and to any jumper at any stage of his/her base career. 1st Cliff Camp Price List.


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