Base Tours and Tower Jumps

“WOW – The stuff dreams are made of!”
As our time in Moab was limited we had to make the most of it. So we hooked up with Mario to chat. He was instantly onboard oozing with enthusiasm as always.
In our short few days we did 9 jumps at 8 different exit points all amazingly overhung roughly 330-480ft walls with a usual 1000+ ft canopy ride to follow.
Their local knowledge proving to be our key in success. We avoided bad weather as Mario would decide every morning the best places to escape to (whilst other jumpers in town were winded out).
When we arrived back in Vegas our friend said “I was stoked when I saw you guys found Moab Base Adventures cos that place is huge, I’ve been there heaps of times, and I still get lost.”
Thanks for the memories, pictures and videos Mario & Steph. I’ve already framed my favorites and they’re hanging in the bedroom to wake up to every morning.
Double thumbs up Moab Base Adventures!”
Dan (Gold Coast, Australia)

“MBA, thank you so much!! We spent 3 fantastic days with Mick as our guide and had such an amazing time!! Mick doesn’t just drive you around and huck you off exit points. He puts much thought into group dynamics and which exit points would be best for everyone. Mick is meticulous when approaching each jump, explaining and teaching in detail. Safety is top priority. We are extremely happy with your service and Mick. We could not be more satisfied with our trip to Moab!! Thank you again and we’ll see you soon!!” Scott

“Thanks for the great time jumping in Moab! Mario has opened many of the jumps in the area so you know you have the right person if you are looking for someone to show you around. Additionally, the team does a lot of site maintenance, such as putting in ropes/ladders that you will really appreciate when scrambling to an exit (especially after you hear how it used to be accessed before they put them in). There is so much to do and no better way to be shown the exit points than with MBA. These guys are some of the best in the sport, super friendly, knowledgeable, and positive which gives the right vibe to have on the exit point. Hope to do some more jumps in the future!”
-Nick H.

If you are a base jumper, you’ve most likely heard of the Moab sandstone cliffs by now. With more than a hundred different exit points and so many more to be explored, it has become a destination for many adventurous jumpers. Most jumpers come to Moab on a limited timeframe so our goal is to optimize your base experience by either maximizing your total number of jumps or the number of quality and unique jumps during your visit to the canyon country.

Moab is a world destination for base jumping, not just because of the endless sheer cliffs, but because it’s legal to jump here, thanks to the Bureau of Land Management stewardship of these cliffs. In order to guide jumpers in Moab, we have worked with the BLM to obtain permits for each site we use, through a rigorous site evaluation process and federally required insurance policy. Moab Base Adventures is the first and only legitimate base guiding service in Moab and in the entire United States as a matter of fact. We will continue to add to our list of approved exit points as we continue to open them.

We’ll take you to the best and wildest exit points, from cliffs to towers.

In the 90′s, there were just a handful of people jumping in Moab from just a few exit points. Now there are far more jumpers and far more sites, with new ones being opened continuously. The traditional way to jump in a new place is to find locals and get shown around–sometimes that works out great, sometimes not so well. With so many jumpers visiting Moab, the locals simply can’t always accommodate visitors in the old fashion way, and many of the newer exit points remain unknown to most. On a short visit, you may want to put your time into jumping, packing, and visiting the best exits, rather than trying to figure out where to go, how to get there and which sites are most appropriate for the season, conditions and your experience level.

With over 12 years of exploring and opening exits in Moab on foot, by truck and by dirtbike, we know how to access the wildest spots efficiently and safely, from cliffs to towers. We are opening new exits on a regular basis. We will help you make the most of your time here by showing you to unique new exit points, whether it’s your first visit to Moab or tenth. By evaluating your comfort level on this unique terrain, MBA will tailor a custom base experience to fit your expectations and skill level.

Most of the jumps around Moab are pretty obvious from the ground, but getting to them can quickly turn into an epic adventure with no jumping at all in the end. Many of the well-known jumps are pretty straightforward but the vast majority involve terrain reading, technical scrambling, and even some climbing gear (which we provide) to ascend sections of rope.

MBA offers 5 different tour options to fit various experience levels and goals, or a purely customized experience based on your interests. If you are planning for your first cliff experience, check out our First Cliff Camp.

The Kane Creek Classics

The Moab sandstone cliffs were discovered by base jumpers during the 90′s from which the first ultra-classic sites opened up. This tour will show you all these exit points and some lesser-known others discovered shortly after. Sites included are the Tombstone, the Crown, the Groove, Echo, Smoking Joe’s, the Condor and others in Kane Creek Canyon area.

The Colorado River Road

This tour will take you on some more advanced jumps while staying in the realm of non-technical access. These jumps offer longer and steeper hikes with higher total overall altitude gain. The bonus on these jumps is longer canopy flight with possible terrain surfing on the way to the landing area. This tour includes G Spot, The Boulder Project, Anasazi Wall, Problem C, Doggie style, the Plank and Tiki Bar.

Mineral Canyon

Sit back and relax as the car shuttle brings you back up to the exit points! Overlooking the Green River, several exit point are accesible via tight switchbacks ending up about 1000 feet over the river. Well known for very effortless jumping, the views are as awesome as the jumps.You can find everything from a 200 foot Wiley Coyote to 400+ and overhanging Sweet Spot exits. Others include The Gash, Monkey Lips, Dark Star, Starship Enterprise. The car shuttle transport makes this place perfect for the “rest” days during a full-on jumping trip.

The Grand Tour

The Grand Tour offers some of the most highly visual and unique jumps in and around Moab. The approach may take up to two or three hours and can require climbing gear (which we will supply you). The effort level will be higher, requiring better physical fitness than most sites, but the reward will also be much greater. While the vertical cliff height stays consistent at around 400′, the talus section of some of these jumps will give up to a 1500′ canopy flight, over some of the most beautiful terrain imaginable. Sites included are Dragon’s nest, Merrimack Butte, Parriott Mesa and The Chessboard.

Tower Jumps

If you want to have the ultimate Moab base adventure, we offer the tower jumps. We’ll lead you up a desert tower, provide all climbing equipment and even haul your rig for you, for the full Cadillac experience. Efficiency is key in getting to the summit in a timely fashion, and we know all the secrets and time-saving tricks to get on top quickly and efficiently to take advantage of good conditions. All you need are shoes and a base rig. These are adventures you’ll never forget. As Layton Kor once said, “a tower is worth 5 walls.”

For those who climb up to 5.6 and are comfortable with exposure, Merrimack Buttress is a unique and unforgettable tower jump, complete with the full desert 4WD experience to get to it. The climbing is not sustained and most jumpers will be able to comfortably follow it without getting exhausted. A remote and seldom jumped formation, Merrimack is the perfect introduction to the magic of base climbing in the desert.
mario merrimack
If you are comfortable with exposure and with climbing up to 5.8, you can jump off the pizza-box-sized caprock summit of Ancient Art in the Fisher Towers. Standing on top is guaranteed to get your heart pumping. This jump is one of the most unique exit points in the world. It is a technical jump and requires a solid level of base experience both for the exit and landing.
If you have some climbing experience, rock shoes and can comfortably toprope 5.9, we can take you to the lofty summit of Castleton Tower. Perhaps the most beautiful tower and jump in the desert, Castleton is a 400′ pinnacle with a 1000′+ canopy ride and is suitable for most experienced jumpers.

The tower jumps are totally unique, custom adventures and include all GoPro HD footage that your guide will take. Professional photographer Chris Hunter from Hunter Imagery is also available for custom photography of any adventures.

Moab has so much to offer!! Just let us show you around this time so you will learn where to go next time :) Base Guiding Price List.

“I spent two days in MOAB prior to calling Mario, and wished I had called prior to arriving in town. His knowledge of locations, and wind patterns helped make jumps happen that otherwise would not have. He geared our jumps to maximize our time and enjoyment. Thanks to him, I now have jump locations east/west and north of town. In addition to his professionalism, he went above and beyond when I had a gear problem and let us jump his gear so we could continue. I will definitely look him up again next time I am in town, and have him guide me to an epic jump that otherwise I would not have the route knowledge of to pull off.” John S.

“Thanks for the wonderful time in Moab. Nice jumps, wonderful hikes, memorable climb. I arrived in town at 8:00 a.m. and was on an exit at 11:00 a.m. Within 15 minutes we rescheduled our 3 day plan due to the incoming weather. Without Mario I would´t have made a single jump, with him I made 4 jumps in a wonderful relaxed atmosphere.
Most impressive, also a bit embarrassing for me, Steph hauling my rig on top of ancient art for me. I will definitely be back! ” Walter H.


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