B.A.S.E Equipment

logoWe live in Moab and jump every day. The MBA motto is “expect more”, our goal is to live every experience at its ultimate. We choose to use the best tools for what we do, from boots to armor to rigging materials. We sell only a few items, the gear we think is unique and surpasses other equipment out there. We distribute and use this gear because we feel it is the very best.
The Atair OSP is quite simply the best subterminal canopy on the market. Thanks to its unique venting system, the OSP offers unparalleled speed of opening, consistent onheading performance and the superior ability to sink and flare. The OSP is our choice for Moab, with some crossover to slider-up use. Available in ultralight also.

The Icaro Cut3 helmet is the lightest helmet we have found that offers full-face protection and full impact protection, weighing in at a mere 520 grams.
We are flying Squirrel wingsuits and gear, and are looking forward to the new canopies as they come out!

We also offer MBA windflags and tshirts.

We are happy to answer your questions about gear options and what choices are best for your needs. Please contact steph@moabbaseadventures for order inquiries, pricing and lead time.


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