First Jump Course

For skydivers who are ready to take the step into B.A.S.E. We have over 20 years of experience in base jumping, and we will start you off on your lifetime of intelligent leaps from fixed objects. The Perrine Bridge in Twin Falls Idaho is the site we use to learn the fundamentals of base. Minimum 200 skydives required. Click here for our BASE jumping progression flow chart to help determine if you’re ready!

First Cliff Course

Having mastered the basics of B.A.S.E jumping on your local objects, you are now ready to experience the “E” of this sport. This course will teach you what you need to know to evaluate weather conditions and safety levels of various cliff jumps. We will optimize your first cliff experience by sharing knowledge acquired from more than 10 years of exploring the Moab sandstone cliffs. Offered to any jumper with or without “E” experience. More info »

Women’s B.A.S.E Training

Whether you have a base jumping partner or not, you may want to get into B.A.S.E on your own terms, without the complexity of other dynamics. We offer First B.A.S.E Jump Courses and First Cliff Training in women’s only options. More info »


If you are a base jumper, you’ve most likely heard of the Moab sandstone cliffs by now. With more than a hundred different exit points and so many more to be explored, it has become a destination for many adventurous jumpers. We know how to access the wildest spots efficiently and safely, from cliffs to towers. We are opening new exit points almost daily. We will help you make the most of your time here by showing you to unique new exit points, whether it’s your first visit to Moab or tenth. By evaluating your comfort level on this unique terrain MBA will tailor a custom base experience to fit your expectations and skill level. More info »

Tandem B.A.S.E Jumping

After more than 30 years of constant evolution, the sport of base jumping has become a legitimate extreme activity enjoyed by hundreds of participants across the world. For the first time the extreme adventure of making a base jump from a cliff can be shared by anyone with no previous B.A.S.E jumping or skydive experience. All you need is an adventurous mindset, to be in good physical shape and be ready to go through the effort required to do a Cliff Tandem Base jump in Moab. More info »

Rock Climbing: Towers and Crack Clinics

Steph Davis is available for select one-on-one climbing days, for desert tower adventures or personalized Indian Creek crack training. Watch for upcoming spring and fall Indian Creek Crack Clinics, for a full weekend of crack climbing techniques and camping at the Creek with a small group. More info »

Stunt and Production Work

We are available for site scouting and analysis, technical rigging, safety, base jumping, wingsuit and rock climbing stuntwork, and aerial shooting in Utah, Arizona, California and globally. Past clients include Intel, Lenovo, Citibank, Anonymous Content, Imax and the Weisberg Law Corporation. More info »


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