Steph Davis

steph davis
Hi, I’m Steph Davis and Moab Base Adventures is my company.

I made my first road trip here from Colorado State University to climb at Indian Creek in 1994, and I fell in love with the desert, the landscape and the splitter cracks. I knew I had to live here, and I finished school and moved to Moab, living out of my car and guiding. Over the years, I’ve traveled many places, from Baffin Island to Pakistan, but Moab is the place I love the most. I’ve made free ascents of many desert testpieces, and of awe-inspiring routes on El Capitan, Longs Peak and Patagonia. Still, I can’t think of anyplace in the world I’d rather live and climb than the Utah desert.

Crack climbing and desert towers are my favorite. I love the sustained, technical nature of crack climbing, the need to understand gear and specialized jamming, and I love the adventure and beauty of the sandstone towers. I especially like making base climbs of desert towers, with Castleton being the ultra classic.

For me, it was a somewhat logical transition to start base jumping, since I spend most of my time on cliffs. With all that effort getting up there, it makes sense to fully enjoy the ride down too :) We are very fortunate to live in a place where jumping is legal and plentiful, and base jumping is a part of daily life as much as climbing.

For the last 18 years, I’ve made my living through climbing sponsorships, writing and speaking. Recently I’ve started guiding again on the towers, and offering some climbing clinics. It’s a lot of fun to share this place with people who feel the same love of desert spires, and also to share the secrets I’ve learned over the years for making cracks fun and satisfying instead of intimidating and painful. When you climb with me, you will be safe, you’ll have fun, and you will learn a lot.

For jumpers who want to reach the tops of towers, I guarantee a smooth, efficient trip to the summit, with no need to worry about hauling your rig or having to deal with any climbing gear or mini-epics–it’s as close as you’ll get to a Cadillac ride to the summit unless you want to arrive by helicopter :)

I teach as many of the FJCs and FCCs as I can, and handle most of the stunt and production projects for MBA. I am a pro-licensed skydiver, and most of my spare time is spent climbing and wingsuit base jumping.

See you in the desert!


4 Responses to Steph Davis

  1. Jean Deschênes says:

    Congratulations and the best of luck for this new leap!

  2. Wishing ya’ll the best with your company, life and love!

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