Mick “Cliff Hopper” Knurbin

Mick adds some European flavor to the ‘Moab B.A.S.E. Adventures™’ team. A Moab resident since 2007, he has taken full advantage of the incredible BASE jumping opportunities the Moab area has to offer. His experience in outdoor activities, leadership development and teaching span over several decades.

His skydiving career started in 1989 at the Army Parachute Association Centre at Netheravon (England) using a round main canopy and belly mounted reserve. Over the years Mick has skydived in the UK, Germany, Cyprus, Canada and the USA.

He became interested in BASE jumping whilst hiking in the Alpine regions of southern Germany, thinking how great it would be to just leap off the edge after reaching a summit and fly back down to the valley floor.

Over the past few years Mick has been busy running First BASE Jump Courses either with, or on behalf of, one of the major US BASE gear manufacturers. Furthermore, he has been acting as safety staff at the Royal Gorge GoFast games and has been introducing jumpers to the technicalities of jumping in the Moab area. Mick has been part of the KL Tower International BASE Jump Merdeka Circuit, GoFast Games Rotterdam and GoFast Games Royal Gorge.

With over 1000 BASE jumps, Mick’s primary responsibilities as part of the Moab B.A.S.E. Adventures team are BASE guiding for experienced jumpers visiting the area and instruction for First Cliff Courses. His favorite jumps are slider down ‘E’s, which probably explains why he lives in Moab :)


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