Chris Hunter

It’s been almost 14 years since I made my first skydive on my 18th birthday.  Within months of that first fateful jump I was living the life of a dirtbag skydiver editing videos and packing parachutes full time to support my jumping habit.

After a couple of (long) years I bought myself a camera helmet, a film SLR (remember those?) and a small Sony video camera and finally realized my dream of making a full time living shooting freefall photography.

It wasn’t long before I began receiving requests for aerial photography services beyond skydiving pictures.  This opened my mind to that fact that my photography could take me to places beyond imagination and without limit!

I immediately began investing heavily in education and equipment, built myself a website and started to promote my business to the much wider outdoor adventure market with my main subjects being Rock Climbing, BASE Jumping and Skydiving.

Before I knew it I was traveling the world living out all of my wildest dreams and taking pictures of everything in my path.  My published tear sheets slowly grew along with my client list to include Patagonia, Black Diamond Equipment, Gore-Tex, Omega Pacific, Mountaineers Books, Rock and Ice, Trail Runner, Skydiving Mag, Parachutist, Discovery Channel, Apex BASE and more.

   A couple of years ago I moved my home base from Hawaii to Moab, UT and have since relished in the wealth of outdoor adventure opportunities right outside my doorstep.  First and foremost of those being the plethora of legal and easily accessible BASE Jumps.

I am grateful for the opportunity to partner with Moab BASE Adventures and provide my still photography services to you while taking part in a first cliff camp or BASE guiding with MBA.  I am also available to experienced BASE jumpers traveling to Moab and seeking professional photography of you and your friends. I also provide aerial shooting for production work through MBA.
You only do your first jump once!  Make sure to capture it forever!

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