Women's B.A.S.E Training

Women’s only First Jump Courses at the Perrine Bridge and First Cliff Training in Moab.

Experienced Base Jumpers

Equipment needs in Moab: Squirrel, Atair, Adrenalin BASE, Phoenix Fly. Skydiving and base rigging services. We stock pilot chutes, wind flags, Icaro helmets and small rigging items.

Tour de BASE: More jumps and more new exits.

BASE Climb: The towers are now available for your jumping pleasure!

Training for New Jumpers

First Jump Course: Our First Jump Course at the Perrine Bridge is specifically geared toward preparing you for E.

First Cliff Course: The only course of its kind: take the next step to E on the Moab cliffs.

Rock Climbing Guiding

Steph Davis Indian Creek Crack Clinic: Improve your skills, make new friends, and climb lots of splitter cracks in a fun and full weekend in Indian Creek, the paradise of sandstone cracks.

Private Guiding: We offer tower climbs, half days, full days and Indian Creek climbing with our highly experienced guides, and personal climbing days with Steph upon request.

Stunt and Production Work

We specialize in site scouting and analysis, technical rigging, safety and aerial shooting. We are available for base jumping, wingsuit flying and rock climbing stuntwork in Utah, Arizona, California and globally.


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